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Pre-approval will you kill it?

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Pre-approval will you kill it?

my Utilization 40%

AAOA 2.2

24 Inquiries CC and auto loan 

Scores now EQ 676 TU 688

3 baddies 2 Paid CO and 1 unpaid medical CA will falling off this year . 

I got pre-approval letter from my local bank

0% APR for 12 months

0 balance transfer for 12 months


3% Cash back for gas

3% cash back for restaurant.

1% cash back for anything ele.

So will you take it or kick it?

10/2012 Started with 588 EQ Fico score and 20+ CA and CO
1750$ total CL
10/2013 in 700 Club
Personal :Total CL 196K
Business : Total CL 200K
Business LOC : 1M
Garden From 10/13/2013
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Re: Pre-approval will you kill it?

24 inquiries I'd leave it unless you have a balance on a high apr card that you wont be able to pay off anytime soon.

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Re: Pre-approval will you kill it?

Your util seems high - is this just due to the holidays? If so and you want the card to pay off a high apr fine. Also, the number of inq's is that for all bureaus? how many in the past 12 mos? 

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