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Preapproval pop-ups

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Preapproval pop-ups

Just curious, does anyone seem to know if accepting say the Express next card would better the odds of approval for like the VS card afterwards?  I can get the pop up for Express and Buckle and so far out of the ones that I have tried that is it



Any thoughts??






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Re: Preapproval pop-ups

Based on my experience alone, I'd have to say: Maybe.


I was preapproved for the Express card in December.


I was then pre-approved for a bunch of the Redcat USA brands in January.


In February I was pre-approved for both VS and J.Crew.


I've been pre-approved for a few others since. Around that time though when I first started with these, my scores were in the 670's - 680's.


If you can gain access to your EQ report, check there for softs and then try them. Sometimes they'll do the soft but the pre-approval won't show up right away.


Good luck!

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Re: Preapproval pop-ups

In my experience, it is basically an approvaly if you get the pop-up.  There is no HP on your reports.  It's the only way I have received any of my Comenity cards.

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