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Preselected offers flowing in now

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Re: Preselected offers flowing in now

leoment wrote:

SP'ed is short for soft pulled Smiley Happy


I'd wait the last month, then go to the pre-qual sites to check your chances at approval for Chase/Citi/Barclays, etc.  IMO Chase and Citi tend to be (but not always) the most accurate/successful.

I looked at each one of them and they all had the "op out" number to call if you didn't want to receive the mailings. So, I guess that means they did a SP...which I take that as a "good" thing. At least that means they have kinda over looked my credit at this point and considered offering me something.


I will definitely be looking into what my next card and approval chances are once I make it to the end of next month and my credit is cleared.


Thanks for your information and help.

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