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Prime card with active collection?

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Re: Prime card with active collection?

Well, if I manage to have Cap One EO roll my 3 Cap Ones (2 + an Orchard Bank) into one, and bump the limit (right now, the three only total 1400 CL combined), I wonder how this would affect my credit?


Would closing the 2-month old Target card (you responded in my other thread) have an adverse affect on my credit? Probably?


I have an inquiry set to fall off in the beginning of May. I have 2 more that will pass the 1-year mark in the middle of June, which I know means better FICO but I also imagine Discover would still look at. At that point I'd have three inquiries <1-year remaining (though if Cap One EO needs to hard pull, I'll probably let them). I don't know that I have the patience to wait until mid-June to app for IT...I know I should but...itchy.


I was looking around to see where Discover pulls from for MD residents, but haven't found anything consistent. I have 1 inquiry more on...TU I think...than I do the other two...I dunno, one of the three shows one inquiry more than the other two do. I've gotten the impression that Discovery is inquiry-sensitive. Nothing new besides the Target and a Walmart (speaking of a card that has no purpose), everything else is 8+ months to nearly-a-year old.


Thanks for all the replies, btw!

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