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Prime options w/ a few CO and SL lates

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Prime options w/ a few CO and SL lates

I've currently got one visa through my bank with a $5k limit. No other open revolving cards. The baddies on my CRs are 2-4 very low limit CO from 2007 and some 120+ lates on only my Nelnet SL accounts. Last late of 120+ in 2/10.  This sucky thing is that I was paying on my SL for over a year but there was a past due balance so I was accruing lates while making payments.


Anyway, this aside, I have skipped getting any subprime cards or store cards. Was declined for a Freedom in November but approved by my bank for the $5k limit. I've had a positive discover that I have closed in the past. I also have a balance with Amex business gold (CO) that I am going to call up and pay today.  What should I realistically expect my next card options to be? Citibank? Discover? Amex? I'd also like to add a Mastercard with a chip & pin for international travel w/ no exchange fees. 

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Re: Prime options w/ a few CO and SL lates

I was in a very similar situation last year... I had a CO on a Chase CC from 2010, and some lates on my SLs from 2010-2011. I was able to get the whole Chase TL deleted by sending a GW request to the executive office, but the SL lates are stuck on there, and I haven't had any luck with GW requests. Once I got my scores into the mid-high 600s, I was able to get an Amex and a Citi CC, and I've been able to get CLIs on my existing CCs.

Try writing some goodwill letters to the creditors holding your COs; if you can get those off your CR, it will make a big difference. You can try GW on the SL lates, but those are notoriously difficult to get.

Once you have done all you can, go for an Amex, Discover, and Citi; I've had luck with all 3.
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Re: Prime options w/ a few CO and SL lates

Thanks. I do need to complete another round of GW letters. I wish most of my old positive revolving accounts had not dropped off already. I had many store cards that went dark over the past 8 years due to non-use. About 4-6 cards do not appear on my CRs.


Anyone have an idea for a USA available chip (swipe) & pin MasterCard? I'll be traveling much more this year.

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