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Product changes

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Product changes

Which banks/CCCs have you had a hard/easy time with getting a product change in the past?  I called Wells Fargo today to try to get them to change my Platinum Visa to a Cash Back Platinum card, and they wouldn't do it.  The CSR on the phone was very nice, but wouldn't tell me what sort of FICO or other requirements they might have for that card.   All she would say was "maybe you will qualify for it in the future".  I believe my Fico right now is somewhere arounr 730-740.  Hm...Oh well, I just got accepted for a Discover card anyway, which offers better rewards than 1%...Guess WF is getting sockdrawered!


Has anyone had an easy/hard time with a product change? From who?


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Re: Product changes

My Borders Visa from Chase will apparently be a Borders Visa until the universe dies. And it's obviously not the bank, because they're famous for working with people; they've confirmed repeatedly that the Borders is not eligible for swapping out. (Agreement with the retailer.)

Same on my despised Citi Sears MC. Their icy-cold clutch will be with me until I decide to close the card.
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