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Progress made with Cap 1 after a very long dry spell

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Re: Progress made with Cap 1 after a very long dry spell

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Disregard. I called in and talked to Bryan. Very knowledgeable. He was even able to figure out why I could not pre-qualify on their site anymore. My QS AF is set to auto-reverse with the upgrade. And, I can pre-qualify now. It's a win-win day with Capital One. 

I'm glad you got everything to work out with Capital One!


FWIW, when I did my PC form QS1 to QS it took a few days (as in, several...) for my online dashboard to update with the new card type, so if your's doesn't update right away don't be alarmed... it will happen.  (It took long enough that I almost called them back to see if something was wrong)  Smiley Wink

MIne was the exact opposite. It changed while I was still chatting with them when I refreshed the page. I am so glad to be rid of the AF. I did not think to ask for an APR reduction but depending on how I get on with Amex tomorrow I might try my luck with them.I need to search (and make a thread if there isn't one) about the opt out issue I had. 

Ah, that's fantastic!  It's good to hear they've improved the process since my PC.  Smiley Happy


Good luck getting an APR reduction out of them... I would love to hear a recent success story (I've not read of a Capital One permanent reduction since I was new on here a few years ago... things are always changing, though - and we'll only find out about changes by people giving it a try!)

The last APR reduction I got from them was temporary and its been awhile for sure. 23% dropped to 16% for a year I think, I would say yay to that again.

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