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Pruning has commenced

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Re: Pruning has commenced

Shogun wrote:

Crisp and clean... nice.

+1 - smart move there... Great cards in your line up now. They will grow.


** Every Card has a Job, and Every Card does its Job **
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Re: Pruning has commenced

UFGuy2006 wrote:

FutureBillionaire wrote:

What would you guys prune from the cards in my signature, if any?  I actually use most of my cards fyi.

I'd swap out the Citi TYP (due to upcoming changes) for the Penfed Travel Rewards Amex (I see you have the platinum rewards; I have both the platinum and travel rewards which work fine w/ Penfed).

The Citi TY will probably go once it is out of it's 0% period (not that its being used but always good to have just in case)

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