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Pulled my reports with 3 of my 4 new cards reporting...

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Pulled my reports with 3 of my 4 new cards reporting...

At the beginning of October before I went on my "6th month of history app spree" I pulled my TU and EQ reports and was pleased to see a 715 and 739, respectively.  Within a month of pulling those I had opened all of my other cards you see in my signature.  The only one not reporting yet is my Hilton card, which I only got a few weeks ago.


Today I pulled my scores after seeing on CreditKarma that my Amex Green finally reported (I couldn't believe Discover had reported before them!).  I was fully expecting to see sub-700 numbers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a 732 (TU) and a 705 (EQ)!


My EX was at 709 when AMEX HP'd me for the Hilton, so hopefully that one will stay afloat too (but it does have 4 inqs affecting score rather than the 2 each that TU and EQ have).


I think it helped that I only let my Discover report a balance (2% overall util).  I'll keep aiming for that because I'd like to get in the habit of always having my scores be optimized.

TU: 771 (7/17/17) | EQ: 787 (7/17/17) | EX: 792 (7/17/17)

Cap1 Quicksilver, $4,750 (4/2012); Discover IT, $34,000 (10/2012); Chase Amazon Rewards, $14,600 (10/2012); AMEX Hilton HHonors, $15,000 (11/2012); AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, $15,000 (01/2013); Barclaycard Arrival+, $10,000 (07/2013)
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