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Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

Congrats homie g funk. See you chuggin on the choo choo express.

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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

SnackTrader wrote:
What other cards do you have, snowsurf? A lack of credit history could be hurting you, since you have what we call a thin file and lenders won't be able to determine how well you have manged credit in the past. This is a major indicator of future credit performance, and is generally helpful for getting new credit cards.

Just figured out how to make a signature! Ill go all HTML crazy later but the basics are there. Oh and I am an AMEX AU as well! 

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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

AAoA 2.8 years 


cap one plat, opened dec '11 always on time. 565/750 

applied bank secured card, opened jan 2012, never late 0/300

Amex AU, added on July 2011, no lates, backdated 06. 0/2000

Freedom road financial motorcycle loan, listed as recreational merchandise (installment loan), opened aug 2012 no lates, 13.5k balance

Amazon store card, jan 2013. 111/700 on time, called got CLI right after opening from 500

walmart store card, jan 2013 0/800, called got cli right after opening from 400

paypal store card, dec 2012 530/600 on time. Denied cli after opening 

Sams AU, 3/06, 0/2000 no lates

Kays jewelers 7/2012, 1982/2929, no lates


One paid collection account opened July 2010 allianceone 

One legally paid for less than full balance collection account from 4/2010


One paid satisfactorily auto account from April 2010 to June 2011

One paid was 120 days 3+ times toyota auto loan paid April 2010 (Ouch)

One paid satisfactorily toyota loan from 10/02 to 10/04



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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT


FICO = EQ: 786 (1/15) TU:774 (2/15) EX: 767 (2/15)
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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

Robertwd82 wrote:



Thanks. I guess I will wait for CC #3 (just opened) to report for a few months, and see what it does for me. Then I might give it a go.

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My Wallet: American Express BCE, NFCU cashRewards, Capital One Quicksilver, Discover It, Chase Freedom, Chase Amazon Rewards
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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

Love them and their CSRs, they're always so chipper when you call them...

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Current Score: TU 779 EX 767 EQ 740
Goal Score: 800 Club

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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

Good Call on pullin the trigger!  Now as soon as you can log onto your online account, sign up for your bonuses! 

Back in the garden!
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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT


In My Wallet: Barlclay NFL $4500 | Capital One Secured $300 | First Progress Secured $300| Walmart $600| New York & Company $500| Kohls $300| Discover IT $3000| Sears Citi|$4000|Walmart $800
First car lease $370 month August 2013
Signed First Mortgage August 2013
Starting Score: 581 EQ
Current Score: 658 EQ
Goal Score: 750
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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT


Starting Score: 639 (Walmart TU)
Current Score: TU 715 (Barclay) EX 685 (myFICO) EQ 697 (myFICO)
Goal Score: 700 Across the Board (Mortgage Goal Achieved 1/31/2012!)

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Re: Pulled the trigger, Discover IT

Shogun wrote:

     After surfing the boards, I decided to see if Discover had any pre-approvals for me.  Went to the website, put in my info and got my first pre-approval in over a decade.  I debated for a minute, then figure, why not.  I app'd and got an approval, but there was a problem with the site and I couldn't register.  I called CS and talked to a CSR out of Salt Lake City Utah.   She said it looks like you've been approved for a Discover It with a CL of $5500.   My next highest CL is my Barclay NFL at $2500 so this more than doubled it!   

Congrats!!  Nice limit!

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Scores: EQ - 670 | TU- 742 | EX - 691
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