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Pushed My Luck with GEMB

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Re: Pushed My Luck with GEMB

wmarat wrote:

GEMB is known by very low starting CL and stingy CLI.

laz98 wrote:

jaybird201 wrote:

If they had approved you, you'd probably have gotten a $50 CL and you'd have to buy your frames first...and then your at a time.


GEMB is all sorts of messed up and crazy.

why do you say that, about the CL?  because of my scores?


My Care Credit card started with a 2k limit,  Last Nov when all the CLD started, I was dropped to 1100. (highest bal was 700 after both kitties had physicals, all their shots & teeth cleaned Smiley Happy) Just about 1 month ago, I asked for my limit back...hard pull on EQ, but now I have 2500 limit.  I wouldn't consider that a low limit, even in the beginning.  When I gort the card, I still had a ton of neg info on my file & scores similar to laz.


Starting Score: 02/2015 TU 709 - EQ 676 - EX 729
Current Score: 12/2017 TU 779 - EQ 779 - EX 782
Goal Score: 850

Bury me in the garden...last app 07.27.17

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