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QS1 $300 SL - Will this ever increase?

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Re: QS1 $300 SL - Will this ever increase?

It does have an annual fee of $39 i was going to call to see if i could get that dropped, I’ve seen some people were able to do that when they have small limits. If i can’t do that I guess i could always PC to the platinum which has no AF and no 1.5% cashback, which wouldn’t hurt much.
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Re: QS1 $300 SL - Will this ever increase?

You have Chase, Amex and Disco. You're wasting your money putting spend on card with AF that will probably not grow and it does not buy you any future favors with Cap One as any future application will be evaluated on it's own merit and your profile at the time off application if you chose to go that route.
Close it, your finances should come first.
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Re: QS1 $300 SL - Will this ever increase?

Do you have another Cap1 card? If not, and you still want another card, you can apply for another one and I'm sure they will give you another card with a way better SL.


I started out with a Venture One that had a SL of $2,400 a 18 months out of BK7. That grew to $3,800 before I applied for a QuickSilver and they gave me a SL of $13,000 which floored me. Now my VentureOne sits at $4,300 and I haven't bothered asking for anymore CLIs for both cards because I don't want to wake the beast.

BK7 Discharged 4/15. Back to square 1.
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Re: QS1 $300 SL - Will this ever increase?

Seriously I'd heed @Remedios advice.

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