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QS1 product change

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QS1 product change



Any recommendations on what I should try to change my QS1 card too? Its an older card that I got when my score wasnt too great. My SL was like 500 or 800, and its only up to 2300. A lot of my other cards are in the 5k-10k range. With my newest card (CSR) being my highest at 28.6k.

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Re: QS1 product change

You can definitely try the link below and see if there are any other PC options available such as QS, for instance.

Of noteworthy, the QS1 is notoriously known to be a challenge for PCs, but you can always try and see if it yields anything.
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Re: QS1 product change

Personally I would close it and get a better card. Sounds like it’s bucketed. Good luck either way!

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Re: QS1 product change

If you want to keep the card, take any PC you can that has no AF at a minimum. Others in the forums have had a heck of a time getting a PC from a QS1, so if you see a QS or VentureOne PC, take it. It will get you out of the AF and set that card up for a better chance to PC to something you actually want in  the future. 


If you don't want to remain in that bucket, you'll have to app for a new Cap1 card.

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