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Qualifying for American Express

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Re: Qualifying for American Express

Funny story, my discover was opened by my parent, I had no knowledge of it until I started working on my credit and found I had a 2year old account with discover. Discover asked for my social and ID and they changed it to my correct info and i ended up keeping it. 

UTL= 5%
Discover IT-$5,500
Discover it Miles - $1,900
Chase Freedom Student- $700
Paypal Extras-$300
Navy Federal CashRewards World- $5,500
USAA Rewards Amex-$6,000
Best Buy-$1,000
Target Redcard- $300
Navy Federal PLOC- $2,000
Navy Federal New Auto- 6.2% @ 21,000
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Re: Qualifying for American Express

Great job overall - I might suggest closing a few cards - Capital One, Target, and one of the Navy Federal cards perhaps. The reason I say that is, the late payments make me think you might be having trouble keeping track of everything. You don't want any more late payments, and you don't really need that many cards (not that I'm one to talk about that).


I think getting in with Amex early is a good idea, but you could wait a year or two and it'll still be early in your credit career. Good luck!

Young profile, but no derogs. In March of 2019, I had no open accounts, a charge-off, two collections, and scores in the low 500s. The only thing in my signature that was on my CRs then was the old closed Exxon card. I am a MyFICO monthly paying customer. One might think my perspective would be welcome here, but ...

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Card CLs total $80,100, not counting the AU card. In March 2019, card CLs totaled $0. In April 2019, card CLs reached $500. Since then, I received a lot of great advice on this board, as well as a lot of advice I didn't take, that is good for most situations, but not mine. Bronze spade on July 3.
Closed but still on reports: ExxonMobil, $950, 10/08-02/11 (Equifax only) | Citi secured, $200, 04/19-09/19 | Capital One secured, $300, 04/19-08/19 | My Jewelers Club, $5,000, 05/19-08/19 | Green Dot Primor, $300, 05/19-08/19 | Self Lender secured $500 loan, 04/19-01/20 | Unsecured personal loan from Coastal, $1,000, 06/19-08/19.
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Re: Qualifying for American Express

@cjc6464 wrote:

The 1st late was with my Target card durring hurricane harvey i couldnt make the payment because I didnt have an internet connection and my mind just forgot about it. 2nd was Discover, i had it on Auto pay but with my USAA checking if you overdraw a penny they will deny it so this happened without me knowing and I had another 30 day late. I have had 100% payment history since. Is it worth a goodwill? I hear that they often will not work.

I'm still confused. Hurricane Harvey happened when you were 16 years old.


As you've learned, autopay requires constant monitoring of your checking account to make sure you have the funds when the withdrawl is scheduled to occur.


Read through this thread:


The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds


The thread explains that goodwill efforts tend to entail multiple tries and getting your goodwill letters "into as many unique hands as possible." Don't give up because you've been told no.

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