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Question About Authorized User

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Question About Authorized User

I'm hoping someone on here might have an answer or insight for me.


Long story short, I was denied by Citi for a AAdvantage Gold Visa in February (after being sent 4+ offers in the mail, and battling with them through letters and phone calls, but that's another story). They gave me a plethora of different reasons why, but it all seemed like a bunch of garbage to me.


Anyway, my boss today mentioned that he wanted to get me set up as an AU for his CitiBusiness AAdvantage Visa credit account for work use. I was wondering, if I was an AU on his CitiBusiness card, would that possibly enable me to be in the green as far as approval is concerned with Citi if I wanted to try to reapply for a personal AAdvantage card of my own? They have really good milage promos going on right now for new customers, and I live far from my family and would love to take advantage of this! (no pun intended Smiley Wink )


I'm an AU on my parents' United Milage Plus Visa Signature through Chase, and when I applied for the Chase Freedom card they approved me without even checking my credit, but I do have a checking account through Chase so I'm not sure if that made any bit of a difference.


As far as my credit is concerned, I have that aformentioned United card, the Chase Freedom ($2k), the Discover More Card ($500), and a store account through WFNNB ($350). I also have two student loans that have been paid off. I do, however, have 6 hard inquires from within the past two years reported on my TU report. My TU score, according to is 690.


Any info would be great.

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Re: Question About Authorized User

Any ideas?

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Re: Question About Authorized User

I'd only allow myself to be added if I had 100% control over the balance as an AU. In other words, I wouldn't want my employer to pay late or have a balance report in a way that hurts my credit. I also wouldn't do it if the account was new (already added 5 new TLs this past year; don't need any more). However, if it was implied I HAD to be an AU, and my job depended on it, then I'd do it knowing that I could remove myself later on due to the AU status. I don't know if this card would help your chances for the other, or at least not in the beginning due to the new credit, but maybe later on. Citi does like to see that you have other Citi accounts.

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Re: Question About Authorized User

Unless you can see the full history report of that CC, DON'T. When billing is handle by people in finance department, they pay LATE all the time.

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Re: Question About Authorized User

This was sort of assumed in the responses I guess, but I am curious whether it was expressly considered.  Would this report to the AUs personal CR?  Don't business CCs typically only report to a person's business report.  I know I've read about one of the so-called advantages of a business card is that it is a hidden trade line.  Is it different when you are added as an AU to a business card?

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