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Question about AMEX card usage: Business vs. Personal

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Question about AMEX card usage: Business vs. Personal

Hi all,


I have an small LLC and have acquired an AMEX SimplyCash for business. I'm planning to get AMEX Blue Cash Everyday (personal) too.

When it comes to gasoline and wireless phone bills (both business and personal usage), I'd like to use the SimplyCash. But when I shop department stores (e.g. buying business clothes, or sodas/bottle water for my office) I like to use the Blue Cash. The reason is obvious right? I want to maximize the cash rewards. At the end of the day, I'm still paying for both cards using either my business checking or personal checking.


Will AMEX give me a hard time about this, given that I'm doing this on the *sometimes* basis and not abusing.




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Re: Question about AMEX card usage: Business vs. Personal

Read this post: There is some info regarding that very subject. Especially the link about the IRS.

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