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Question about AU

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Re: Question about AU

@BrokenCredit wrote:

That shouldn't be an issue, as I always pay off all my cards, except for 1 at the moment. I had to put a medical expense on it a while ago but it's almost paid off, and it also is still very low utilization with that expense on there. I think that card specifically is 19% and my total is 6% almost 7%. 

That should be fine even if you were taking advantage of a promo in paying it off.

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Re: Question about AU

I can’t speak for AMEX, but Cap1 AU is very easy to add. Though, the only control I can tell on the AU card is you that can freeze it separately from your own. Cap1 successfully backdated the whole account history to my AUs reports within a month.
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Re: Question about AU

Typically there’s no HP for an AU. But if you make them a joint account holder then there’s typically a HP on both parties. But you’re not making him a joint anyway so it shouldn’t matter unless you get caught in some anomaly as previously mentioned.

Installment loan reported this month,so technically, I'm at 2 months, but AoYA points were NOT reset. When new CCs hit and it is reset, I'll put the number it is.+1,+2,+2(Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)
Scores updated AUG 4, '19. Since then, 5 HP dings to add; will update again.
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