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Question about Amex BCP and Grocery Stores

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Re: Question about Amex BCP and Grocery Stores

discernment wrote:

Thank you for ALL your responses! 


My BCP account is new so I did not know what to look for or where.  Thank you for giving me an example. 


Smart & Final is sort of a speciality store here in California -- they have the LARGE PORTION sizes of groceries at great prices.  For instance, if you buy a can of corn there, that one can will be huge and will feed like 20 people.  They only carry "groceries" which made me think they "might" fall into the right category for the BCP rewards.  I will just have to follow your suggestion and buy a few things there and see how it shakes out. 


Thanks again!

Just a guess, but I'm willing to bet they'll be set up as a "discount store" or "warehouse store" (even if they technically aren't).  Seems to be the case with a lot of places like that.  Keep us posted.

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Re: Question about Amex BCP and Grocery Stores

Well, they told me when I called Smart & Final this morning that they are definitely MCC coded as a "Supermarket Grocery Store" but, if Amex pays no attention to the MCC coding of a store, I guess I'll just have to find out by making a purchase.  The lady I spoke with says she get rewards from her Chase Freedom when its "grocery category" time but, she's not sure about Amex -- they do take Amex but, she wasn't sure about the rewards for the Amex BCP card.   I didn't shop there with my Chase Freedom during "grocery category" time but, I got lots of rewards on Chase from Ralphs (known to some of you as Kroger)--Smiley Wink   


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