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Question about Cap1 credit steps

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Re: Question about Cap1 credit steps

I called the back door number a few days ago on a Capital One master Card that had. It had a credit limit of $750 and I asked if I could get a CLI. They increased it by another $500! Now come to think about it I should be getting another $500 via credit step program next month. Do you think the CLI for next month will still be a go? Or because I called, will that be the increase I would have gotten next month?
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Re: Question about Cap1 credit steps

Also have a similar question...

I just received my $500CL Cap 1 card over the weekend and activated it. The letter did state I was enrolled in Credit Steps, but did not say how much (from what I have read on the forums, it sounds like I should expect another letter in the coming weeks explaining more)....It did say, however, that after 90 days (3 statements) the auto-CLI from Credit Steps should kick in.

So, is there any magic time when I should call in before the credit-steps kicks in to request a CLI? After the second statement hits and I PIF? After the third hits? Any advice is appreciated.
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Re: Question about Cap1 credit steps

I called after my first CLI, at which point the card is about 4-5 months old I think.
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