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Question about Discover Pre-Approval

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Re: Question about Discover Pre-Approval

I will for sure. I was on the fence, so thanks for pushing me back over. I thinik iI am going to raise my limit from 2000 to 4000 on my wellsfargo, and in another month or so to 5000. I also have a high citi balance right now, (laptop went down, had to get another for school). it will take 7.25 weeks to pay it off as well. So, get Wells Fargo to 5000, pay off Citi Forward to zero, by that time it will be 2 more months and 6 months for two more inquiries. (the other 4 were approvals and the 5 by that time is a BoA CLI increase. I was able to get a 4x increase in less than a month of having my card. So...two months is a perfect window.

Starting Score: 500's
Current Score: EQ: 664 TU: 673 EX: 700
Goal Score: 720

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Cards: Citi Forward (Students): $1.5k, Wells Fargo Secured: $2k, Kay Jewelers: $300, BoA Cash Rewards (Students): $700, Buckle: $250
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Re: Question about Discover Pre-Approval

Good plan. Definitely get your util down for a higher chance of approval and higher CL.
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