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Question about Hooters Mastercard

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Question about Hooters Mastercard

Dh and I are rebuilding our credit and just got approved for a Hooters card with a fairly small credit limit. I was curious if this is a card that will grow with you? How often do they give credit limit increases and how much do they tend to give at one time.
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Re: Question about Hooters Mastercard

Not sure if this is helpful, but here is my Hooters experience:


Approved 12/2008 for 2000.00 limit.  I was dumbfounded--I only had a 300.00 Orchard and a 500.00 Cap 1 at the time. Also, a foreclosure that was less than 2 years old.


7/2008--Auto increase of 200.00


11/2008--Auto increase of 400.00


2/2009--Auto increase of 400.00


So I now have 3000.00 a year later.  The interest is higher than my other cards and there is that annual fee that I don't much like, but the card has helped me overall.  My 3 daughters sure do cringe when I pull that card out at the mall! 


Also, just FYI, I pay in full about every third month.  I tend to carry a small balance sometimes--100.00 or less.  I have some things auto charged to the card and sometimes something posts after I pay.  I have had the balance as high as 1200.00 from some plane tickets, but paid it off over 2 months.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Question about Hooters Mastercard

I am not sure what interest rate they gave you. I know they charge very high rates. If you can afford to pay in full you should do that and do not carry balance. I dont like giving away my hard earned money for free. All charge cards are out there to make money off of you. My suggestion, use it wisely and pif every month. After 6 months / 12 months if the card does not grow with you then apply for a different card from a different company.
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Re: Question about Hooters Mastercard

hooters denied me with a 678 transunion score // they said it was because I recenty opened a mortage that was less than 2 years old. I called the back door number for this 1
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