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Question about Lowes CC

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Question about Lowes CC

I would like to get a Lowes CC to do some improvement to my home. I have a bk 2years ago, but it does not show up on my TU report and I am pretty sure that is the report they use. On my TU report I have the following.

1 inq from almost 2 years ago, 

2 First premier cc one with a cl of 475 other with 550 neither has ever been late, one is 2 years old the other is 1.0 bal on both

a auto loan, 1year old never late

Mortgage has not been late in 19 months before bk was late.

Just opened a NFCU rewards card 1 month ago with 2500 cl with bal of $27.00 I don't think that it has been reported to TU as of yet.


What do you think my chance of getting a Lowes card are?  My TU score is 699 with out the NFCU card on it. I don't know if it will go up or down when it is added.   Any input would be great.

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Re: Question about Lowes CC

Hello.  I can't tell you anything regarding a BK but I can tell you Lowes pulled Equifax for me.  I was only granted $500.  They are backed by GEMB which some people love while others, like me, have had issues with them.  
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Re: Question about Lowes CC

I applied for a Lowes CC in June 2008 with a BK due to fall off in November 2009 and was instantly approved for 2K. They increased my CL to 4K @ 6 months and again @ 1 year by 1K to 5K CL. They pulled Equifax for me. I love my Lowes card. Although many people hate GEMB I have never had a problem with them.
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Re: Question about Lowes CC

Lets say I go into the store and apply and get denied. Then I call to see if they would recon.  How would you go about doing so and what would you say?


Thanks again for the help

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