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Question about Macy's Visa double-reporting tradelines

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Question about Macy's Visa double-reporting tradelines

I have a Macy's Visa card that has a split tradeline personality.  My credit report has always shown two separate Macy's accounts with the same open date, but with different credit limits and balance history.  For example, this card has been used almost exclusively at Macy's, and I can see the balance change each month on the credit report entry that I call the "Macy's store" account.  On the other hand, I've only used the "Macy's Visa" tradeline once, about 2 years ago, when I bought gas, and the Visa tradeline reports a bunch of zeros in the balance history.


Recently I had a B of A credit card with a $9500 CL closed involuntarily due to inactivity.  I don't want this to happen to any of my other cards.  So, I'm making sure that I use them each at least once every couple months.


My question is this: if I continue to use the "Macy's store" account as usual - charges at Macy's about every other month - will this count as usage of the "Macy's Visa" account?  Does anyone think that Macy's would cancel the Visa half of the card if I never use it buy gas or groceries?

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Re: Question about Macy's Visa double-reporting tradelines

Macy's probably won't cancel the visa, but since creditors are canceling accounts for non activity, why not just buy gas once a month with the macys visa and then there won't be any question of it closing like your bofa card.
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