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Question about Macy's card

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Question about Macy's card

I applied for the Macy's card online but didn't recive an answer it just said thank you.  I thought I would get an e-mail but still nothing.  Will I hear from them in the mail?  Thank you for your help.
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Re: Question about Macy's card

Yes one way or the other you will receive communication from them via mail, if you are approved, you'll get the card, if you were denied (hopefully not), they'll send you the reason for the denial.  GL

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Re: Question about Macy's card

call to confirm receipt of your app.
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Re: Question about Macy's card

I got the same message. I cannot remember now if they called me (It was either Macy's or Walmart) to request more info. I gave them my cell number and missed the call, but I did eventually check messages and called back. They increased my credit limit from whatever it was going to be to $600 since I opened it online and they needed to verify ID and address.


I also received a letter from them regarding this. (I may be mistaken and just called them in reference to the letter, but anyway. It's been almost a year, memory isn't so great)



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Re: Question about Macy's card

Same thing happened to me, the next day I got this email, they wanted to confirm identity:


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent application, before you shop on your new
account it is necessary that we speak to you.  Please call us at
1-866-933-8472 at your earliest convenience.  Again, it is very
important that we speak to you before your account is available for use.

Thank you again,
eCommerce Department

"WTB Access Number"
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