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Question about Macy's

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Re: Question about Macy's

Thanks.  I'm excited about the card.  I do plan to treat it very well.  Thanks again.  This is all very encouraging, especially after a hellish week dealing with a Wal-Mart denial. 
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Re: Question about Macy's

melmas wrote:

i seems that 99.99% of all users of this forum have thier macys card  except me Smiley Sad

i was denied twice in 2007 due to no credit history. i m afraid ll be denied again,

have only one credit card

Don't feel bad melmas, I don't have a Macy's card either. But, then again, I have never applied for one either. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
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Re: Question about Macy's



If you have a credit score now (ie have had your one credit card longer than 6 months) and have never had a late payment, and your utility is 30 percent or below, I bet you have a good chance of picking up a macys card if you applied these days.

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