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Question about Nationwide Approval

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Re: Question about Nationwide Approval

Jausanka... I've tested the prior BK waters with them and they are BK friendly. My BK7 was discharged 2/2004 with no baddies since then. NW approved me for 15K at 9.24%. My current TU is 710 and I have about 25% utilization. Hope this gives you some insight!
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Re: Question about Nationwide Approval

Hey Jausanka,

did you get approved or denied?  If denied what reason did they give?  If approved what rate and limit?  Thanks!  Looking at it myself.  Not sure if I should try.  I have been paying in full everymonth any balances.  Finally got to 700 this month on EQ.


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Re: Question about Nationwide Approval

Well appearantly i am uncapable of submitting an App with nationwide . I have tried three times in the last two weeks and have gotten letters saying they couldnt process the app. Still waiting on the third time to see if 3 times is the charm. Still have yet to see a single INQ from them. Smiley Very Happy

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