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Question about a Citi CLI

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Question about a Citi CLI

Hi.  I'm new to these boards, but there is a ton of useful info here.  I've had my Citi Diamond Card for 4 months now; the CL is $4000, and the balance is up to $3800.  The balance is so high b/c we've had issues w/our central air this summer, & I have put multiple payments on this card.  I pay between $350-$400/month.  So I logged in to my account, and on the home page, in the lower right corner (in a link I think), is 'request a credit line increase.' 


I can't recall seeing that there in the 1st 3 months.  I don't know if they 'recognize' how I'm using the card (one major purchase, really) and are offering a CLI b/c of this.  I would just click the link, but I don't need/want a hard pull (attempting to garden), although if it was a soft pull, I would pull the trigger.  I was wondering if anyone else had an experience like this......thanks.


(I really thought that any CLI from Citi would have to wait at least 6 months from what I've gathered from others on the boards.)

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Re: Question about a Citi CLI

Someone else with more insight can chime in but have you considered freezing your reports? AFAIK that's one way to make sure no hard inquiry is done.

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Re: Question about a Citi CLI

If you pull the trigger before 6 months, it will decline you and the letter you receive will say it's because you didn't wait 6 months.  And they won't do a hard pull.  Now after 6 months, a hard pull COULD happen but it hasn't happened for me.

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Re: Question about a Citi CLI

Thanks--I felt that was the case (so I'll be conservative and wait).  I may have just noticed the message, but it may have been there all along.

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Re: Question about a Citi CLI

I pulled the trigger at about 4 months on my Citi Plat. Select MC. Denied. Had to wait 6 months. No hard pull. At about 7 months, I requested again, Instant approval. No hard pull. Same again at about 9 months.

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Re: Question about a Citi CLI


Generally, I call the number on the back of my card and ask the representative if they can see a CLI approval on their monitor with NO hard pull.  The CSR will ask about income and CLI amount requested and then either say it's approved with only a soft pull or make a counter offer for a lower amount.   I am always certain to tell them NO HARD PULL and have received CLIs with only softs.


I have to give credit to reading this advice here.  Unfortunately, I don't recall the OP but it was great advice!


BTW, freezing your reports will not prevent a current creditor from a hard pull.

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Re: Question about a Citi CLI

Also, when 6 months does come around, it definitely wouldn't hurt to get your util down before the CLI request.

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Re: Question about a Citi CLI

I have Citi Platinum Select World MC. Last month I emailed them about CLI from 6300 to 10000 and got a reply back to call them on some number with instant increase to 8100. I called that number and was told that to get tha increase I need to have a hard pull but since i denied for a hard pul they did not give me a CLI.

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