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Question about a credit card

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Question about a credit card

I was browsing the official credit card database and came across a few interesting discover cards and now I have a few questions. Well specifically I was wondering about the "Discover® More(SM) Card
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Does anyone have any experience with that credit card? Do they actually give 5% cashback on some purchases? If you have that card please share how much cashback on avarage you receive in a month or for spending like $1000. And what are the chances of being approved for it? I heard that you only need like 640 credit score and can have previous collection on your history. Is that true? If not, what kind of credit score do I need before I apply?


Last question, how big of a balance can I transfer to it? Or better yet what credit line will I get? My credit score is 687 and my history is pretty clean. 


Please help... Any help will be appreciated!! Smiley Happy


Nice forum btw, I'm glad I found this!

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Re: Question about a credit card

Welcome to the forum.  The Discover More is a very good card to add to your portfolio.  You can earn up 5% cashback on certain purchases.  It depends what's on the calendar.  For the next few months you can earn 5% on Travel. You have to remember to sign up for the different categories as they change throughout the year. It's no an automatic reward program for the 5%.


I'm not sure what the minimum FICO scores or internal Discover scores are needed to get approved.  The credit game has changed.  A few years ago someone with mid 600's scores probably got approved.  Today, it's not a sure thing to get approved with mid 600's scores. 


To shed some light, my FICO scores were in the upper 700's at the time of app'ing.  It's always best to have a clean report before app'ing with Discover.  You want to maximize your chances of getting high limits with great rates and offers.  


If you do decide to app, do not request a balance transfer at the time of app'ing.  You want to be certain you get the card and terms you app'ed for first.  

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Re: Question about a credit card

Thank you for the response!


I pulled the trigger and applied for it and got approved! Smiley Very Happy


They gave me 14.99 APR and $3000 credit limit. My brother decided to give it a shot too, although his score is 647 and he got approved too! But he only got $2000 limit with 16.99 apr. 


We're both pretty happy with the choice because I did more research and people say very positive things about the card.


Once again thank you for your input. 

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