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Question about income verification

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Question about income verification

Hey all,

My sister in law started working at home about 4 months ago, and she primarily gets paid via PayPal from differant clients she has. She just applied for a CC and they wanted to verify income. What can she send in being that she is paid through PayPal?


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Re: Question about income verification

If they require more than the transaction statements that she can print out at PayPal, and that's her only individual source of income and there is no other significant household income that she can submit to them, you might suggest she read over the Business Credit forum here, particulary the Business Credit 101 thread. Since she is effectively running her own business, she'll just need to follow whichever guidelines there fit her particular situation to formalize her business and be better able to apply for and be granted personal and business credit.

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Re: Question about income verification

She can send in a copy of last year's tax returns (page 1).


Or if her at home business has a manager (someone she "reports" to), maybe they will write a letter stating her income is between x and xx a month.

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