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Question on which choice to make

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Question on which choice to make

So I have the following currently:



Fico Scores (EX/EQ/TR): 687/699/712

Card 1: $0/$2,400 (0%)
Card 2: $0/$750 (0%)
Citi: $989.91/$2,000 (49% utilization)  [0% APR until 1/16/18]
Amex: $987.58/$2,000 (49% utilization) [0% APR until 10/7/18]

Total Util: 27%


My question is....I just passed the 2 month mark of having my Amex, and I can request a CLI of up to 3x my initial credit line. Now, I would like to have a CLI on the Amex card by October at the latest, but I'm not sure if asking for it in September would be fine, or I would need to wait until October. I've never had 49% credit utilization on a card before (let alone two), so I'm not sure if Creditors look on that badly or not. If I waited until October, I pay $140/month on the Amex and $100/month on the citi so it would look like:


September Projection:         

Citi: $889.91/$2,000 (44% utilization) 
Amex: $847.58/$2,000 (42% utilization)

Total Util: 24%


October Projection:

Citi: $789.91/$2,000 (39% utilization) 
Amex: $707.58/$2,000 (35% utilization)

Total Util: 21%


I know the general answer is wait until you are under 30%, but I plan to get an apartment in December so most of my funds are going towards down payment + an account I set up for emergency funds in the event that I have issues paying rent one month. Come December I want my credit scores to be as high as possible, and debt to be as low as I can manage. After I get all that settled, I will pay the remaining balance on the Citi in January and so on. So, getting that Amex CLI would be beneficial to me.


I have no negatives of any kind on any of my credit reports and I haven't made any inquries since I got the cards...the only issue would be utilization as far as CLI goes.


So, my question is would I be ok asking for a CLI in September instead of October, or would Amex see that utilization as too high?

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Re: Question on which choice to make

You can ask for a 3X CLI at 61 days after the account opening date

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Re: Question on which choice to make

I think that your Util is way way high right now.. I would wait till it's under 30
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