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Questions about Sony Card

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Re: Questions about Sony Card



I believe it was about the points.


i can log into sonyreward site and start redeeming if i wanted to.....i'm approching my 2nd statement and so far i have 5072 points which is good for couple of dvd's on their site. not so good deal but hey i'm rebuilding so i'm kool

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Re: Questions about Sony Card

09Lexie wrote:
Here's the verbiage from the Sony website:
From all appearances, its a statement credit.

Presuming this is the case, OP, I would nto interpret that to mean you get $100, as in a cash back deal.  They will apply the $100 to the statement balance, which effectively is the same thing.  I don't know what the 5000 points are, unless it coincides with $50 purchase and this is a 1% CB card; but I digress.

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Re: Questions about Sony Card

OP, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine with the statement credit.
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