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Quick Amex question about mutiple applications.


Quick Amex question about mutiple applications.

Today I was approved for Zync with no limit. I make 38k, on a w2 and claimed less than 5k in assets.


Kinda a weird situtation. My ex report does not have a few negs that the others do. Checked with them before I applied, said ex plus was 699.A denial from amex 60 days ago said my fico was 615.


On the ex report I pulled was a closed and never paid student loan for 3k about. It defaulted late 06 or early 07. Also another student loan that was paid off in 08 but had 4 lates on it. The other reports have more negatives on them.


1 personal cap1 card with 750 and 50 dollar balance.

1 AU BOA card 0 Balance 17.5k limit.

1 AU Amex Delta card 3.5k balance with 30k limit.


Is it a bad idea to apply for something else right now? I was thnking of trying for a BCP. WIll they hard pull me again or use the some one? If they pull another credit report will it do bad things to my zync approval?



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Re: Quick Amex question about mutiple applications.

If you do it same day, it should use the same HP.  However, once your Zync account is set up, as an AMEX customer if you apply online while logged into your account, you can apply again.  If denied, it will be a soft.  If accepted, it will be a hard pull.  So really no harm in waiting a couple of months to show some good history with AMEX which should help your internal AMEX score and approval.

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Re: Quick Amex question about mutiple applications.


I don't think that applying for another AMEX card would do anything to jeopardize your current Zync approval.


It's possible that you might get away without them doing another pull, but it is also possibly that they'll pull your CR again.   YMMV.


If your EX FICO was around 615 a few months ago then you may have a difficult time being approved for an AMEX revolver ~ they are more difficult to get than charge cards.


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