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Quick Disco CLI Question

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Re: Quick Disco CLI Question

@BrutalBodyShots wrote:

@CreditMagic7 wrote:

My biggest EVER Discover increase just came thru today, in the middle of the night mind you


CM, was this a self-initiated CLI or was it an auto-increase?  If it was an auto-increase, just making sure you are aware that if you go online and request a CLI right now you stand a very good chance at another instant CLI, usually to the tune of the one you just got auto so right around $2k.  If the CLI you just got was self-initiated (2 day message type) then this technique will not work.  Just a FYI in the event that you may be leaving money on the table.

No money left on table (w/o a HP).


The "Lending" section I spoke with this morning assured me of that but it's quite OK.


This WAS a major shift for them with my Discover Card for a change so counting those lucky stars after it. 

Rebuild Begin 7/22-FICO alternating avg's 650 + - I'm so in the drink UGH
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