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Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

@wacdenney wrote:

This is really one of those things that falls into the category of the great mystery of Cap 1.  Yes, for SOME people they will remove the AF.  That being said, I have NO IDEA how they decide which people to work with.  As far as I can tell it has nothing to do with credit scores or even your profile.  It seems as though they may possibly have a magic 8 ball they refer to when making these decisions.


For me personally, I had 2 QS1 cards with 3+ years of perfect payment history and scores in the 700s and they refused to remove the fee. The nice rep from the EO even lied to me and said it wasn't possible the last time I tried.  I was forced to close both cards and then recieved a pre-qual for a regular QS 3 to 4 months later.  Now this is definately a YMMV type of thing.  Some people they treat well and others they don't and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to how they decide who falls into which group other than my magic 8 ball theory of course.


I can say with a great deal of confidence that it's not at all likely to happen via any other method than the EO route.  Really any kind of basic customer service functions that require anything more than reading a script require emails and weeks of waiting.  I would say if you want to try then go for it and hope the magic 8 ball likes you.  Establishing a history with them or raising your scores or profile didn't seem to matter at all in my experience.

Last year I raised heck over paying two annual fees because I had 2 capital one cards. One they refused to waive so I paid it off and closed it. The other I still have because they waived it but I really would rather upgrade to the Quiksilver with no annual fee so that will be my next goal to focus on when Im done gardening. Its my only card with an annual fee and the one that will kill my aa o a if I close it so I have to pay it at their whim or argue to have it waived every year. 

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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

@wacdenney wrote:

I've honestly never used any of the signature benefits, but I do understand the desire to have "signature" printed on the card.  I think I'm going to try to get some of mine converted next year just because I'll be stuck in the dreaded garden all year and it will give me something to do.

hahaha I think it's really more of "I want it more because I can't have it" thing, but as for benefits, lost luggage or travel insurance and few other things are what makes me wanna get "higher tier" cards. And for world elite mastercard, their business upgrade thing is nice, a plane ticket that was bought with my parents world elite mastercard, I actually got free upgrade to business class, and that flight was from toronto to u.s, and I gotta say, I can get used to that! Smiley LOL

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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?


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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

FWIW I have the QS1 MC w/ $3300 limit and just had my annual $39 fee reversed....AND taken off permanently (I hope I spelled that right)

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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

@RedMiniStapler wrote:

@Nixon wrote:

They're in between


If you're 720-850 they're prime.

If you're 480-680 they're subprime.


And god bless you if you're 681-719, because you don't know WHAT you're gonna get!

why would anyone with 800+ even bother with capital one?

The commercials?

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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

@lotsOfPens wrote:

The commercials?

well i guess samuel jackson can be pretty convincing.

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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

For what it's worth, I just had it done this morning.  I asked to PC from QS1 to QS.  She told me it wasn't possible to change from the MC to Visa, but she would remove my annual fee (including the fee that hit last month) and they would reissue a card with the same number in 7-10 days.


My only guess would be monthly spend on the card having something to do with their decision?  I usually put $3 to $4K per month and always pay in full each month.  You would think it would be the opposite, they would remove the fee when they were earning interest.


Who knows...

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Re: Quicksilver One to Quicksilver?

I was able to PC my QS1 to QS yesterday via online chat. I’ve had the AF waived twice through EO. They told me to check the modify your features section on the website. This never works so I told them it was not loading and asked if they could check manually. They did and I was transferred to another agent who immediately said an offer was available to upgrade. This was probably my tenth attempt to PC so keep trying and it will eventually pay off.

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