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Quicksilver upgrade

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Re: Quicksilver upgrade

cybersamp wrote:

I started with QS1 Platinum MC, got upgraded to QS with 3K limit and no WMC. Apparently that can be upgraded only when you have 5K CL and when a product change had occurred. Such as QS1 to QS or QS to Venture etc.

I have not seen any reports that when there is a PC with WMC it would turn to WEMC.

We have tried to get a PC from WMC to WEMC with no success. We are gonna keep trying especially since all new QS are WEMC.

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Re: Quicksilver upgrade

My secured Platinum card recently got upgraded to unsecured. I called and asked for an upgrade a week later. Got Quicksilver and it says "World Mastercard" but not "Elite." Enough for me right now.

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