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Rate My Set-up the official thread


Rate My Set-up the official thread

So recently i apped for a few cards and now i wanna see what you guys think my next cards should be, 5-6 months down the line.


Current Set-up

Discover It, Always great to have a discover card, 5% categories, you know the deal

Capital One QuickSilver - 1.5% back on everything, probably should be the amex 2% card but hey, i like having a visa back up

Sallie Mae 5% gas and 5% gorceries, don't mind if i do, also buy vanila reloads with this one, a lil manufactured spending

AMEX BCE 3% on grociers when i have busy months, 2% on gas (comes up because when i go on trips with friends i just put it all on my cards and they pay me cash, sometimes go over 250 on gas for SM)

US bank Cash+ 5% on all dining year round 2% on pharmacy, i work at a pharmacy so its nice since i'm always there

Wells Fargo - first credit card, just chills, rarely use

AMEX Clear, free balance transfer and one of my better APR, could come in handy one day



I know i'm missing a card to benefit on travel, thinking either going for CSP and Freedom, last time i apped for CSP a few months ago i had too low of income, bad beats indeed Smiley Sad but i just got my first 5k limit on the Sallie Mae so heres hoping everything pans out for me in the future


What do you guys think i should add to really make my portfolio better


Everyone else feel free to post your set up and see if a fellow fico forum member can give you a lil advice

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