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Re-allocating Credit Lines-question?

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Re-allocating Credit Lines-question?

I have 2 USAA mastercards and my highest limit is 7000.00 and the other is 4000.00.  I would love to have a credit card with a 10,000 limit or higher.  I think it would make it easier to get higher limit cards, instead of the mediocre lines I have recently got. 


Can I re-allocate the  4000 limit to the 7000 card and then close the card?  That would leave me with 1 USAA card but with a higher limit!  Less cards to manage also.


I also have 2 AMEX revolvers, Delta and SPG.  The Delta has only 1000.00 credit limit and I was denied a CLI at the 60 days.  My SPG has a 5000 limit...can I move the Delta line over to the SPG and close Delta?  I've heard that both AMEX and USAA will re-allocate credit lines, just wondering if anyone has done it and does it make a difference?


Any advice is much appreciated!

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Re: Re-allocating Credit Lines-question?

Wouldn't hurt to call up USAA and try it, most will consider it if you have a good relationship with them.

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