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Re-opening a closed credit card?


Re-opening a closed credit card?

Perhaps a somewhat unique situation.  As I explained in another thread (


When I was in college, I was half-tricked into filling out a credit card application for 2 free pizzas.  I figured that I'd just get signed up for junk mail, and if they sent me a card offer, I'd just throw it away.  That's what I did.  Never opened the thing.  Never spent a dime.  Now that card shows up on all three of my credit reports.  Funny thing is, though, is that it's my oldest "card", and therefore I think it makes it look like I have a longer credit history than I really do.  Could it possibly be helping me?


One report describes this card as "closed" and "paid or paying as agreed".


Another report describes it as "paid account / zero balance" and "pays account as agreed".


The third report only says "account paid satisfactorily".  


What's my best course of action on this?




This was a Chase card.


 haulingthescoreup suggested I might try getting ahold of this card because of its age, since keeping it active would be a great help to my score.  I tried calling card service at 800-945-2006 and the automated message told me my account was closed.


Is it possible to re-open a closed account?  And, much more importantly, if I were able to "re-open" it, would it keep the card as one consistent line of credit on my credit report?  This card is only good to me if it comes with a long (and good) history. I'm just worried that if I get on the phone with an actual person, I'll get A card, but it won't be THE card I need (the one with a long and good credit history attached to it)



EDIT:  I should point out that I know nothing about this card.  No clue what the account number is (not even the last few digits - they're not in my credit report).  I received the automated response by providing the last few digits of my SS #.  ...So if they send me a new piece of plastic, I'm not sure how I'll verify it's the same one with the long history that I'd like.

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Re: Re-opening a closed credit card?

I'm in a similar situation, I had a Wells Fargo CC I closed in 2000 which is due to drop of my credit reports in 2010. This will be a problem because I filed bankruptcy in 2006 and it's my only good standing account that wasn't in the BK. So my oldest account will go from 15 years to about 3 or so years, which is going to hurt.


I know I have heard of amex aging accounts if you were a previous card holder with them and get a new account, has anyone had any experience with any other CCC's doing that? 

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Re: Re-opening a closed credit card?

Hi Tim and Cyrion and welcome to the forums


Unfortunately I have only come across reading amex being the only credit card company opening a new card and re-aging it to a card you had years ago.


I have tried this with citi and some store cards and they all have said no, they do not do it.


I have read other people trying to do this with chase and was denied.


Sorry for the bad news


I know i wont get any kudos for this message  Smiley Very Happy


I will say at least you know now more than you knew before and you know what you need to do now in order to get great scores. Kudos to you both

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Re: Re-opening a closed credit card?

oracles wrote:


I have read other people trying to do this with chase and was denied.



Of course, what do you have to lose by calling and asking?  You can probably find Chase's number on their website, and you can probably find a backdoor number in these forums.
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Re: Re-opening a closed credit card?

reportedly only amex and macy's sometimes backdate .  i haven't seen any indication of successful backdating with other issuers.  unfortunately calling is unlikely to help in this instance.
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Re: Re-opening a closed credit card?

Thanks for the info, I was guessing that was going to be the answer.
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