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Ready to App away -- Suggestions Most Welcome!

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Re: Ready to App away -- Suggestions Most Welcome!

For the record I was going to hold down my "App Spree" to one or two applications. I am sure some lenders will not want to see any action/inquiry listed when they are cosidering an application. Which is exactly why I have requested the trusted team of MyFico posters to point me in the right direction!ha!  All in all I would be more than happy with one new card. I believe that with a pay down of my overall UTIL% I should be in line for something. I would like to think I had a strong shot at a Citi or Chase card (if anyone has the exact numbers needed for one of those please send them along). And then follow with a Cap One application and see what happens.


If any reader thinks another card should be considered first please throw in your recommendation! I am anxious to hear!


All your comments have been greatly appreciated!!



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Re: Ready to App away -- Suggestions Most Welcome!

personally, since your credit is on the better side, i would steer away from capital one.  they are more "sub-prime" and they pull ALL 3 cra's.  most others will only pull one.

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Re: Ready to App away -- Suggestions Most Welcome!

With your current credit profile, I would suggest starting with Credit Unions and staying away from the big guys. A CU will be more lenient, while the big guys like Chase will just flat out deny without even thinking twice about a recon. 

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Re: Ready to App away -- Suggestions Most Welcome!

I would pay down and make sure all is reported before applying.


Presuming that you will shop at Nordstrom, I would apply only for Nordstrom.    IMO, The Nordstrom VISA which you should eventually get is a best choice.


Wait six months apply for next choice.

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Re: Ready to App away -- Suggestions Most Welcome!

If you can pay down your UTL to 0-10%, your initial CL will be higher than if you apply now.  With your credentials listed above, you will most definitely get approved for Citi and Chase.


I am not sure about Discover, but I'm sure you would get approved once your UTL is 0-10%.  Having no inquires is definitely going to work in your favor.  PERSONALLY, I would not apply with Chase.  I think customer service and overall satisfaction would be higher with other cards.  I would probably recommend CITI Plat Select.  They are known to give out decent initial CL - depending on your annual income, you would probably get approved for something like $3000 and strong chance for a CLI in six months.


Discover is a great card.  I am a strong advocate for them.  They have treated me very well over the years as has CITI.


Let us know what you do.  Good Luck with your application(s)! Smiley Very Happy

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