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Rebuilding with 1 au Cap1, suggestions?

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Re: Rebuilding with 1 au Cap1, suggestions?

@LuvsRetro wrote:

Yes, my mortgage is open.  Hope to pay it off in 5 years.  No baddies.  

I wish I could go for Chase, however, they were burned about 8 years ago.

We/I have been cash only since then.

Unfortunately, when we got our mortgage, the banker had us close a slew of cards which would have been great for age.  Most all have dropped.

I did just app for Barclays and it went to 10 days.   Got alert from Experian and then phone call.  They were really nice.  Asked why I only have 1 accountSmiley Surprised!

Said ok well mortgage has always been paid on time, put on hold, come back with $2,500 approval.Smiley Happy

So figure let these 3 age and see what happens.

I do have Biz Amex 12K and Boa Biz 10K from last weeks apps, however, they don't report to personal.

Very good. You have open mortgage, 1 au card, 3 new personal cards ($2,500, $6,000 and $2,500) and a couple of business cards.


I agree, go to the garden. You can try to CLI your Discover and Amex in 2-3 months (Amex can even go to $18,000, that's what you want to ask for new limit). You can get other cards in 6-12 months to fill your travel needs. Good luck.

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