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Recent Approvals/All instant approvals

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Recent Approvals/All instant approvals

Cabela's Visa 4500

Macy's       600

NTB (Citi)    700  (for tires 0% for 6 months/I already paid)

Kohl's         1500

Kroger Rewards 2000      (0% for 12 months on balance transfers)

WalMart Discover 1600    (applied in store)

TJ Maxx Mastercard 2000 (not a real high limit but Chase finally gave me a low apr)

BoA Amex   3000 (product change from worldpoints decent apr) 

EQ 733 6/9/2009


Balances= 0

Wouldn't mind carrying a balance at times to grow my savings more but these days it appears

you just can't unless you want a CLD or worse...also paid off some commercial just

paying on my house and improvements/ paid off my auto loan in Feb 2009 would like to buy a new one

but no debt till things improve out there


These are in addition to my exisiting accounts/ No more applications until 2011 if then...

Hope everything improves for all of us the second half of this year...Smiley Happy


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Re: Recent Approvals/All instant approvals

Congratulations on all your new credit lines!  Did you app for them all in the same day?
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Re: Recent Approvals/All instant approvals

Spread out over a 2 month period and closed some smaller accounts as well
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