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Recon Sucess with Barclay"s


Re: Recon Sucess with Barclay"s

Thanks!  I asked about CLI when I was on the phone with the rep.  She said to wait six months for my score to increase and ask again.

7/11/08: EQ: 635, TU: 658, EX: 607
10/10: TU 634, EQ 626, Ex 626
9/14/2012: TU 622, EQ 660
10/16/2012: TU 731, EQ 706 - finally on my way!
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Re: Recon Sucess with Barclay"s

Congrats on your approval! Barclays is very good with recons, and I haven't had any problem with CLI's as long as I showed use of the card.

CC's: AMEX (4), Alliant Visa, PenFed AMEX, Pen Fed Promise, Citi (3), Chase (5), US Bank Cash+, Huntington Voice, UMB Visa, Nasa Plat Cash Visa, Barclay's Visa, Discover IT, Cap One QS, BOA (2), BMW Visa, 5/3 Real Life Rewards MC; FNBO Amex; Comenity Visa/MC (4), Ebates Visa Siggy, Nordstrom Visa, Walmart MC, Sam's Club MC; A few assorted store cards.

Current Scores (09/2017): EQ My Fico: 801; TU MyFico: 799; EX (My Fico): 797
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