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Recons with Too Many Inquiries

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Recons with Too Many Inquiries

Hi everyone,


After reading through so many threads on recons, I feel confident enough to call for a couple of my own. Specifically, I would like to ask for a recon on a CLI for my Chase Amazon Visa, as well as my Juniper iTunes Visa. I may also find the courage to call about my denial for a new Discover More card.


My credit scores are all around 700, with absolutely no black marks in terms of payments, collections, etc - everything on my reports has a perfect payment history. My only downfall is too many inquiries, which actually has my Equifax score lower than the others, since most of the pulls are through them. The number of inquiries IS the reason I get when denied for credit. Kind of a catch-22 I've gotten myself in.


Can anyone give me advice on how to explain my inquiries to the credit analysts without sounding stupid or irresponsible? I have probably 10-15 inquiries for the past year (less on TU an EX), mainly due to CLI requests for my current cards...and then apps for a new card every now and then due to frustration over not getting the CLI's. For example, my Chase has been stuck at $1000 for almost 3 years now, with an excellent history with them.


I am definitely learning a lot from everyone here, and know that I haven't been smart with my apps...I used to think it was all about keeping my balances down and my payment history clean. What I want right now is to just get a couple of those cards at more reasonable limits, so then I don't feel tempted to apply for new credit hoping that they'll extend a better CLI. I honestly didn't even know you COULD recon until these forums! I wish I had before applying for (and getting) new cards with low limits.


I just want to get a couple of cards up there...then let everything sit for at least a year (when I may need a new car loan). Any advice? 


Thanks so much! Smiley Happy

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Re: Recons with Too Many Inquiries

Wait a few months until some of the inquiries drop off.  That's the easiest way to improve your situation.
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Re: Recons with Too Many Inquiries

I don't know what to tell you, except that maybe a CU would listen to your story.


Be careful calling Chase for recon - they are VERY likely to pull again.

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