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Record High Delta Reserve Upgrade Offer?

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Record High Delta Reserve Upgrade Offer?

I was just checking to see if any new promos were available on and look what they had a link to:




I opened the link in an incognito window, and it came up, so in theory anyone who has had another personal Delta card for at least a year should be eligible for the upgrade offer.  Unfortunately, the fine print clearly states that anyone who currently has or has had the card is ineligible, so no bonus 35k SkyMiles for upgrading my Platinum SkyMiles to a 2nd Reserve. 


While the new account offers have been dramatically better lately (plus this lacks any MQMs), it's still not a bad option at all for someone who otherwise does not want to open a new account since worst case the bonus more than covers the entire first year AF, and of course it's very easy to cover it with the companion First Class ticket each subsequent year.  Has anyone ever seen a better upgrade offer for Delta Reserve?  When I was considering my upgrade last year, I could only really find 10k and 15k offers, but then the 70k new card bonus appeared and I jumped on that instead.

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Re: Record High Delta Reserve Upgrade Offer?

Maybe one day 😉

Definitely a great upgrade offer for those who can benefit from it.
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Re: Record High Delta Reserve Upgrade Offer?

I've been wondering if I could apply for the Reserve if I already have the Platinum. They have the 75k bonus going right now for new accounts. So you have both cards?

Thank you myfico for teaching me about the credit game!
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Re: Record High Delta Reserve Upgrade Offer?

@Spoiledgyrl00 absolutely you can have multiple cards.  I got the Platinum in October 2017, Reserve in October 2018, and Platinum Business in November 2018.

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Re: Record High Delta Reserve Upgrade Offer?

I’m not eligible 😝

There are some amazing SkyMiles deals going on right now for anyone who is thinking of a near future vacation. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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