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Re: Redundancy


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Re: Redundancy

We’ve gone full circle on this I think


you asked which ones you should close in the first post. - I believe you have gotten your answer

if you spend enough to get full bonuses and break even on your AF, then don’t cancel any of them


maybe when/if your spending changes, drop the ones that aren’t justifying the AF anymore.  


Short notes

1. Keep all all the new ones open for over a year ( to make sure Amex is happy)

2. Don’t get any new cards until the existing ones are all over 2 years old


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Re: Redundancy

Congrats on the new cards. If you made all the SUB spend, you now have a pile of points that you can use over the next several months to year for travel costs.

Make a note of when the AF / anniversary comes up for each card. Decide at that time whether the card makes sense based on benefits and past usage. For example the Delta card can save the AF through bag fees if you do two round trips per year.

The Hilton points are not comparable value to MR points. With the recent closing of the airline gift card trick, Aspire may be a challenge to get the AF to net zero.
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Re: Redundancy

@ToxikPH wrote:


I misremembered some of it, but in June you were worried about Chase shutting you down for new accounts. July 1 you talked about gardening for a while. It sounded like you were interested in CSP/CSR.

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Re: Redundancy

@ToxikPH wrote:

I don't use my BBP as I don't want to risk Amex seeing personal spend on the card and shutting down my other accounts as the Hilton card is my main card. 

Amex doesn’t care.  Use it!


Don’t close Amex less than a year.  


The problem you have is applying for credit for no reason.  For example, why did you apply for the Apple Card?


wait to close anything because you already paid the AFs.


use BBP for everyday spend gold for meals and grocery, plat for airfare and wait for a Hilton transfer bonus if you want Hilton points.  The Hilton card should be used for stays only.


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