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Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

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Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

Buying an iPad Mini for Christmas gift.  Apple's online store had 0% financing for 12 months with Barclays Card.  Applied online late one night.  Told system was down and a decision couldn't be made immediately.  


Went with a current funding source at 0% for 6 months.


Now Barclays is sending me a card, opening an account, the junk mail has started, etc.


I'd just assume NOT have the account, but closing it may hurt my number (it went up slightly at opening).


Leave it open and not use it, or use once/sparingly?   Call Barclays and explain that I didn't want it in the first place if I couldn't get an online instant decision on the iPad?


A Christmas conundrum....

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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

I suggest that you keep the card and sockdrawer it...

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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?


You said score increased slightly on opening.

Higher available balance and lower Util if you had a balance on other cards (if balance is high enough might help you get bigger limits later on)

AAoA increase over time



AAoA hit (will be a pro down the line)

Inquiry used that is unlikely to be removed even if you cancel the card


I'd keep and sock drawer, like webhopper said.

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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

Nothing you do now will change anything, your AAoA won't change if you close it, the INQ will remain.  You might as well keep it open, sock drawer it, and enjoy the extra UTIL padding

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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?


On, for example, the Mastercard Rewards, Barclays say they may close it if it isn't used at least once every three months.  Has that happened to anyone?  Might not apply to all their cards of course

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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

I would keep it to help UTI and you already took the hit

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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

if you never wanted it you shouldn't have app'd Smiley Tongue

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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

You already took HP. Your score will drop whether you close or not.  The creditor will report it as closed account. It doesn't help your score. The card has no AF. I doesn't cost you to keep it. 




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Re: Rejecting a CC I never wanted?

Not exactly.


They were offering 0% for 12 months on iPad Minis.  I'd have taken it if their system wasn't down on a Sunday morning to give me instant credit so I could complete the transaction in time for Christmas delivery.


THEY took the information and opened the account; sending a card, etc.  If they'd asked, I'd have turned it down as their system wasn't quick enough off the mark.

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