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Removing AU on Synchrony - how long?

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Removing AU on Synchrony - how long?

We added both kids as AU to all of our credit cards (at that time) a little over a year ago to help get their credit journey established (my CapOne and Sync Care Credit, and my wife's CapOne and Synch Car Credit).  That was before finding this wonderful site around February and learning that may have been overkill and jeopardizes apps with Chase since AU could be included in their 5/24 formula.  Both kids acquired Disco Chrome Student and their own AMEX earlier this year.  They are prepping for a Chase app soon, so my wife and I removed them as AU from the 2 Synch cards today (their cards were already in the SD anyway).  This should put them at 4/24 (worst case) if Chase actually counts AU in their formula.


Now for my questions...  How long does it usually take Synchrony to remove the AU status from the credit bureaus?  The AU accounts disappeared from our Synch accounts immediately.  I'm guessing it will be updated when Synch does their normal reporting to the bureaus, or do they report the AU removal within a day or so of being removed?


And, has anybody experienced issues with the AU accounts still reporting afterwards... requiring a dispute or other action with a credit bureau?


I find Synch reporting to be consistently inconsistent, so I don't want this dragging out for months.





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Re: Removing AU on Synchrony - how long?

I can only go with personal experience here.
I was taken off as an AU for a Synchrony card (Lowe's) and it didn't disappear quick enough, it was just staying on my report for no reason. I had to dispute it with the credit bureaus and then it was taken off about a month later. I used Credit Karma to dispute it with TU and Eq, and disputed with Ex right from their website.
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Re: Removing AU on Synchrony - how long?

Thanks, that's kind of what I expected.  I'll let it go into January (to allow Synch time to report to CRA's), but I guess I'll need them to be ready to dispute if it still shows up.  Guess this will be a learning opportunity for them!  LOL

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