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Request CLI After Auto Luv?

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Request CLI After Auto Luv?

I got my first cc at the end of March (Chase Freedom $500 CL), and was planning on requesting a CLI after the 6th statement, but tonight I went online and saw that they gave me a $300 auto increase right before my 5th statement cut.  As the saying goes, any luv is good luv, but $800 is still nowhere near enough to match my spend, plus I'm hoping to get an Amex in a month (either BCE or Costco TE), and would like to get as high a limit as possible before I apply.  


Would it be worth a HP on a CLI request, and has that ever been approved after an auto CLI?   I wouldn't want to do it unless there was a really good chance of getting my limit to $1500 or more.  My stats are listed below:


Credit Cards:  Chase Freedom (opened 3/28/13, $800 CL)

AAOA: 7 years (heavily weighted on Student Loans)

FICO scores:  EX 772 (July 2013)..... EQ 762 (Dec 2012)......TU ???

Inquiries:   EX 2,,,,,,,EQ 0,,,,,,,TU 0

Income: 75K - 80K

No baddies, always PIF

Util: I pay down multiple times a month and leave a little b4 statement cuts so it reports < 8%


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Request CLI After Auto Luv?

There is not a "really good chance".  You might be able to squeeze some more out of it though.  You can surely request more.  Be prepared to take a HP.

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Re: Request CLI After Auto Luv?


Also be aware that some creditors only allow 1 CLI within a certain period of time, like every 6 months.    Not sure about Chase's policy though.

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