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Request a CLI on Chase United

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Request a CLI on Chase United

I just recently (last month) opened up a Chase United MileagePlus credit card account with a $5,500 limit...not too bad of a starting limit.  I am using this card for most of my purchases (some slightly large).  The bill just came in and the balance due was a little over $3,700 and I paid in full.  I would like a little bit more breathing room with respect to the credit limit.  So, I sent Chase a message through their online message system and a representative responded saying they need to do a credit check.  Now, I know this is standard for Chase and that they do a hard inquiry every time a customer makes a request for additional credit.


My concerns are:

  • Will having this account only open for a little over a month hinder my chances of getting the limit raised?
  • I have six inquiries on my Equifax report (which I know Chase tends to pull) in the last six months, two are from Chase themselves.  Will this be a problem?
  • I have had several credit card accounts with Chase (only two open right now...all others closed, but were closed on good terms).  Does this help?

In addition, my FICO score at Equifax is in the 720s to 730s...maybe?  I have never been late on any of my bills...ever.  No negative or derogatory information.  I appreciate everyone's input.

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