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Rewards question

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Rewards question

I have a question that I can't really seem to nail down. I got the blue cash card back in Feb. of this year, so far I  have put $48k through the card.Just wondering if Amex has another card that I could benefit more from, as far as rewards. I enjoy the 5% at gas stations and grocery stores, but honestly don't spend enough in those categories to really reep the full potential of those benefits.I was thinking of going for the Gold PR card, but the whole point thing confuses me.I also thought of the platinum, but can no way justify the annual fee.If any of you more experienced members can give me some thoughts I'd really appreciate it.I'm looking for a card that gives cash back or can redeem points for cash back.Thanks in advance.

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Re: Rewards question

What do you spend the most money on?  I think the Blue Cash cards are the best everyday cards for cash back, but if you spend a lot of money on a certain category you can certainly find something with a higher cash back rate for it.

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Re: Rewards question

I spend the most at work,I pay a lot of the bills there.

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Re: Rewards question

So are they utility bills, office supplies, travel? When you say work its hard for us to know the category

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Re: Rewards question

Sorry for being so vague. I manage a franchise auto parts store and mainly pay all of our vendors. No utilities, mainly just the vendors. Thanks

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Re: Rewards question

You could get a straight 2% cashback using this debit card if you funded the checking account appropriately.


Do any of your purchases fall within Amex's OPEN savings categories for business cards?

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